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This long awaited update of Storm Eagle Studios 2006 Wargame of the Year is ready for duty!

Packed with all the rich features from our recently released title JUTLAND. Higher detailed models, more realistic battle space, game options, etc.

The look and feel of the award winning DISTANT GUNS and the ground breaking simulation capabilities and the next generation render engine of JUTLAND!

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Developed by the Award Winning Developers Norm Koger & Jim Rose, Distant Guns 1.5 Pro breaks new ground
yet again! Building on the technical success of DISTANT GUNS and the 3rd Generation render engine
installment of JUTLAND , it dramatically expands the boundaries of 20th Century Naval Warfare in all Directions!

Distant Guns 1.5 pushes the envelope of the real time 3D military simulations with the most realistic
True Physics Ballistics ever created in a commercial wargame.

Every shell fired is physically introduced into the 3D Battle-Space, where it follows a true-to-life trajectory all the way to the target. If the shell actually hits the target in the 3D world, it must then penetrate the armor of the ship’s hull,
deck, or turret based on the thickness at the polygon impact point!

On top of that, Storm Eagle Studios has created an unprecedented 3D naval game environment, featuring hundreds of highly detailed, historically accurate 3D Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Torpedo Boats from the countries of Japan and Russia.

Distant Guns 1.5 Pro packs all of the essential features you would expect from Norm Koger & Jim Rose, who's former glory brought you Award Winning games since 1988 including Stellar Crusade, King Maker, The Age of Rifles, West Front, Age of Sail, and The Operational Art of War, just to name a few!

Key Features

Environment & Render Engine

3D Ship Models

Game Play

Battle Editor


Misc. Improvements

Campaign Game

Play as the Admiral of the Russian Navy as you sortie out to wreck havoc on the Japanese shipping lanes providing supplies to the Japanese army in Korea. Or play as the leader of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and try to defend your shipping lanes while trying to lure the Russian Fleet into a major offensive battle that could change the tide of the war! Refits, redeployments, political demands, and public opinion are just a few of the elements awaiting you!

Distant Guns 1.5 Pro includes two different campaigns, whether you want to want to take control of the Naval Fleets of the time period in an extended campaign or just sit back in your chair after a long day and duke it out with a handful of ships out in the Sea of Japan, Distant Guns 1.5 Pro Edition will satisfy your appetite for realistic naval combat.

Campaign 1.
100 Victories - The Complete Russo Japanese War 1904 to 1905
Covers the entire war. Play cat and mouse with the Russian fleet as your success transporting war supplies to the Chinese Mainland has a direct impact on the performance of your Imperial Army there.
As the Czar, you must interdict Japanese shipping without allowing the larger Japanese fleet to corner your main force and wipe you out!

Campaign 2. - Czar's Crown Jewels -
Complete 1904-1905 Non Historical variant with Russia winning the bidding over Japan for the critical 2 Armored Cruisers
from Europe.


Over 10 scenarios including "what if" scenarios let you play an the battle from either the Japanese side or the Russian side. Each scenario is a stand alone historical battle that can usually be played in a couple of hours.
Some of the larger scenarios can take a couple of sessions to complete. Scenarios usually have a fixed
goal the gamer must achieve to win. Battles include Port Arthur, Tushuima, Ulshan and others.

The Battle Editor expands the replay value greatly by giving the naval gamer access to the wealth of FAN created scenarios available throughout the internet.

Distant Guns 1.5 Purchase Notes *PLEASE READ*
New Users - We recommend that you download and install our free trial version on StormPowered and verify that you have no compatibility issues before purchasing. It contains the complete Distant Guns Pro Edition. You can test drive the game before you buy it!

* Because of the nature of our electronic distribution, we cannot issue any refunds after your game license has been purchased.

End User License Agreement


Storm Eagle Studios delivers only the very best quality games. We strive to deliver the best possible combination of historical accuracy, a clean streamlined interface, and an environmental experience richly rewarding to the gamer.
JUTLAND is forging the way for next generation of leading edge wargaming. Some have managed to deliver hot looking historical games, with only surface historical accuracy. Others have served up extremely historically accurate games, but only average graphics, JUTLAND and it's expansions deliver both!