What is StormPowered™?

Tired of begging for another unlock code? Sick of playing your games on ONE(1) PC?

Sick of ONE company dominating the digital download market because no other digital game client
can MATCH their features?

Introducing StormPowered!  
StormPowered™ is a 3rd Generation Digital Game Library Manager. Building on the pros and pitfalls of previous generations, and incorporating all the main features you would expect from the very best Digital Game Management Client, we have developed a new technology offering the same features available from today’s major digital download industry leaders. (Leader?)

StormPowered breaks the shackles of the worn out limited Unlock systems Gamers detest. No more begging for another unlock because your Hard Drive crashed

*Play all your games from any StormPowered™ PC
*Play games Off-line
*Anti-Theft Fail-Safe Lockout Feature
*Auto Restore Game Library
*Auto Activation
*Game Community
*No License # to remember or loose

No longer will you have to worry about how many PCs you’re allowed to install your games on! With StormPowered™, you have access to all the games you have purchased from one convenient location. But StormPowered™ isn’t just a Game Management program.s

From StormPowered™, you will have access to our full website, giving you the ability to purchase new games straight from StormPowered™ without ever having to open a separate browser! On top of that, we have also introduced a whole new aspect to the Storm Eagle Studios Gaming community with the Storm Eagle Studios Forums, accessible from, you guessed it, StormPowered™!

Download the latest demos, update existing games, download an already purchased game and play it immediately! No more having to manually enter License ID numbers. Everything is handled through your StormPowered™ Login ID. This Login ID is comprised simply of the email address you used to create your StormPowered™ account, and the password you set during account creation.

Download StormPowered™ now and unlock a new community of games, Gamers, and more.

StormPowered F.A.Q.

What is StormPowered ?
StormPowered is the newest and most convenient way for you to purchase, manage, and play your games! In short, StormPowered is a Game Account Management Environment designed to deliver and manage digital version of games and game content StormPowered features all of the very best industry standards you the gamer would expect!

What can the StormPowered Game Account Manager do?
StormPowered games enable you to play your games from any PC, play your games off-line, eliminate the need to beg for another unlock code, easily restore your game library after a hard drive crash, automatic updates, integrated game community forums, optional download timer, and many other features offered by game industry leaders.

How do I create a new account?
When you install StormPowered for the first time, you will be asked for your login information, if you don't already have a StormPowered account, you can create a new one by pressing the 'Create New Account' button.

I forgot my account info. How can I retrieve it?
When the login dialog appears, click the 'Retrieve Account Info' button. You will be able to retrieve your login information using a variety of methods. You can use your email address, Customer ID, game License ID, a previous invoice number, or your nickname. An email will be sent to the email address associated with the account containing your info. If you no longer have access to that email account, please contact StormPowered support through our Customer Support Portal.

How can I change my contact info?
You can change various aspects of your account info through StormPowered by using the following menu selections:
Manage / Current Account / Customer Service - My Contact Information, then click the Edit Contact Information link at the bottom of the page.

Can I install my StormPowered games on more than one PC?
Yes! You can install and activate your StormPowered games from any compatible PC that has internet access.

How many StormPowered accounts can I have?
Only one StormPowered account is allowed per email address. This is done for security purposes. You can have as many StormPowered accounts as you have unique email addresses.

StormPowered ID, merging account, deleting, etc.
Merging accounts can only be done on a case by case basis, and then only if both accounts were opened by the same person. There are no exceptions to this policy.

How can I play my game without being connected to the internet?
To activate a game for offline play, select the 'My Games' tab and highlight the game you want to activate for offline play, then click the 'Change to Offline Capable' button at the top of the window.

How can I maintain account security?
Never give out your account info or password to anybody. Watch out for phishing scams that ask your account info or password. Storm Eagle Studios will never ask for your password via an email.

StormPowered   vs. Steam
How Do We Stack Up?

Storm Eagle Studios is giving our gaming customers
a sneak peek at PHASE 2 of our STORMPOWERED Digital Game client, scheduled for its Official release Friday Oct 7, 2011, we have decided to give our current customers 1st crack at a SUPER 50% Sale on most of the new additions to our Digital Game Store!

To experience STORMPOWERED digital game client, click and go! STORMPOWERED Game Client


To complete the the game community integration with our just released STORMPOWERED game client, we are very pleased to introduce the Storm Eagle Game Community!

* Get in on the latest Multiplayer Feast!
* Swap Hints & Tips...
* Locate the latest User Scenarios & Mods...
* Find answers to all your gaming questions...
* Debate the latest and greatest!
* Find new gaming buddies!